Customer email on Order cancelled or failed – Plugin for Woocommerce


Send email to customers upon failed or cancelled Woocommerce order.



For whatever reason, WooCommerce is sending an email upon cancelled and failed orders (on timeout or payment failed) only to the site admin.

When this happens (payment timeout) your order has a note: “Unpaid order cancelled – time limit reached”.

But in my opinion will be a good idea to send an email to the Customer and ask him what happens.

Probably this option should be enabled, else an order status will be not changed to Cancelled after 60 mins.

How to Install

It is installed like any other WordPress plugin.

How to set-up

After installation and activation, go to the WooCommerce = > Settings => Emails section and find new email type “Cancelled order [Customer]“.

Click on it and you could configure email options (Subject, Heading, Body) for your needs.

How to do if an email is not sent to the Customer

Please install plugin Log Emails, activate and go to the Tools => Emails Log.

After open any test order, set its status to Processing or On-hold, save and then change to Cancelled.

Refresh Emails Log page and verify is the email was sent.

If yes – then the problem is on your side.

If no – please submit a ticket.

On how many domains I can use this plugin?

There are no limits.

How long I can use this plugin?

There are no limits.

How can I update it?

Log-in to your dashboard and download update.

Later will be available auto-updater.

Do you provide support for this plugin?

The plugin is very simple and should work stable.

But in case of any issues, you could submit a ticket and get my assistance.