WooCommerce Review Order before Payment

Add a Summary page before placing order (like a payment confirmation page)!

This plugin is useful if you want add a review order page to your WooCommerce store.
Without plugin: after add items to the cart, user will be proceed to the checkout page where the billing and shipping addresses are required and submitted, then user was redirected to the payment page (Paypal for example).
With this plugin: after the addresses are entered on the checkout page and then user clicks proceed, an order summary/review page is displayed (with a link to go back if user wants to change something). Then, once the user proceeds, it goes to the payment page.

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Extention Features

Fully Responsive

Perfectly works on all type of mobile devices

Well customizable

You can edit all texts, labels, block sections positions (like "Billing address") and also hide some sections.

Wide compatibility

Tested with WooCommerce 3.4.0+, and compatible with common payment gateways (Paypal Standard, Bacs, Paypal Plus, Stripe, etc) and Wordpress 4.9.4+

Professional support

Includes professional, knowledgeable personal support from the developer

Automatic updates

One click update to new version can be done in a Plugins screen (like any Wordpress plugin)

Video Overview

Order Overview plugin Screenshots


PRO Plan

$ 29.95 /once

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  • unlimited free updates
  • up to 3 domains
  • full support from developer
  • CSS tweaks (colors, fonts, etc)

Standard Plan

$ 18 /once

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  • unlimited free updates
  • 1 domain
  • bug fix and troubleshooting support


Why I need this plugin for creating multistep checkout?

As requested by the German law store must have overview/summary page to allow user check all the data provided with the chance to fix errors.

Can I make a refund, if plugin does not fit my requirements?

Yes, in case if you have any issues that can't be solved with support.

Can I test it?

Yes, you can. Go to the Demo Shop and test it.

Can I remove some blocks or change their positions?

Yes, of course you can Re-name, Hide or change position of each block (Billing address, Shipping address, Payment method, Order note, Order Items).

Will this plugin work with my theme?

plugin must work with any theme where WooCommerce is used.

Can user back from Confirmation page and edit some details?

Yes, of course user can return to Checkout or Cart page.

Will I need do any WooCommerce, Wordpress or My Theme changes for make it work?

No, plugin work out of the box and do not need any code changes (just may be some CSS customization).

Will Review Order plugin work with all future versions?

Yes, but you need update plugin when new version is released for make sure that all will work fine.

What languages does it supports?

Currently plugin supports English & German out of the box. But all public texts can be easy changed in settings to any language.

Can I translate "WOO Confirmation Page" plugin admin to my language?

Yes, you can use Loco translate plugin or WPML plugin. Also you can do this local with using wccp.pot in languages folder and PoEditor.

Will this Woocommerce extension work with my custom payment gateway?

May be. Generally, if there are no very specific code all must work correct. You can do purchase and make tests - if there will be any issues we will fix them or return your money ☺.

Can I modify plugin code?

Yes, of course. Just after this you can't update plugin without lost your changes. So better use Wordpress filters and hooks.

Where I can find plugin changelog?

You can find it here.

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